Amalathian Inquisitor (and blog site kick-off)

Hello, and welcome to the WITCHHAMMER STUDIOS blog site. This is pretty much a place to showcase my model projects (builds, paintings, kitbashes, commissions) in the grimdark Warhammer 40,000 universe. 

I think a good place to start would be to upload a few of my projects in their  varying degrees of completion. We'll start with the Amilathian Inquisitor Retinue if been toiling at in my spare time. I plan to not begin painting these 5 characters until they are fully built so I can attempt to keep their color scheme fairly congruent. This first blog post will focus on the groups figurehead (the Inquisitor) and her servo cherub.



This model is roughly based on the Games Workshop "Inquisitor Greyfax" model of recent release with a few bits shaved, filled or replaced all together. Other star components here are the addition of a Wood Elves head, a new shoulder pad, and an Iron Halo type section on the backpack to represent a sort of psychic amplification unit to assist in the strong comms element in this war band's general narrative. In the latter two photos the servo cherub is incomplete and is magnetized into the base as it will be able to detach into its own for further tactical purpose.


Here are the magnet locations in the bases.  


The general idea here is that The Cherub can detach to capture/occupy objectives, mark targeting for the Heavy Weapons Ancient (dedicated post soon), or general infiltration tactics for the entire group.

Only a small amount of work left on this little piece. Some further detail on the mechedendrites, wiring, a simple maul type weapon and little tabard to go.


I hope if anyone stumbles along these articles they enjoy them, and the many more that will follow. Next I'll post some stuff about the Twin Interigators and maybe some other all together different projects. Cheers and thank you for looking!