The Blackest Legion

Since the early 90's I've had a slight obsession with the Chaos Space Marine aesthetic. Spikes, chains, daemons, evil, all that shit was just too metal for my little twisted mind to pass up. Don't really know why I never created any pieces then, probably too enameled with the sprawling already visually tainted  darkness of the God emperor's Imperium. Now well into my thirties and upon the release of 40k's 8th glorious edition, I've decided to start yet another army project. 

Messing, slowly over the past few months, with true-scaling some Chosen models put back over the past couple years, for fun really, I was bit by the bug to actually build out an homage to the iconic Black Legion. the general theme being super heavy conversion and true-scale....!

Recently received (the severely dated and altogether lackluster) Abbadon The Despoiler fine cast model in the post and got to the task of chopping his evil ass up. The following are the fruits of this mornings drill session, and just the beginnings of the task of making this monster into, well, a fucking monster! Enjoy.