Carrion Pass update

so I sat down this evening on checklist mode. Pulling together the remaining paint tasks.



While there is still quite a bit to go I’m starting to get the mood of the group as a whole and their separations where the may need to be.  As I was looking at game mechanics and how to relate these pieces, I decided to give Viegt Kalmn some servo skulls to aid his lone endeavors. So the had to be thrown together. So much fun, I’d like to Mabey trade some servo skull builds with artists all over. Could see a lot of awesome stuff.



Focusing in on approach for the scorpion servitors, I believe I’ve left the caged face piece a bit behind, so I think he’s on the bench tonight. 



I might make a gun skull and an exploding scorpion servitor if I get the time, but my efforts will go towards completing these first and foremost.


Iubentium Ad Manes Legis Huius