Blackest Legion III

So, I've gotten loads of work in on the Black Legion project so I felt the itch to upload some progress. Feeling a bit more smart about time management with this project starting with the more detailed HQ and character elite models first leaving the troops choices to a more batch approach. We'll start with the progress on Abby...


The basic gap filling and base are blocked in. I'm going to ad in a few small elements at his waist as well as replace his missing ass flap that's pretty common to Terminator plate. Then it's on to the green stuff detailing (I.E. extended tabard and crack filling, as well as some added base details) Almost there 

Next up is the Champion of the first Chosen unit... 


One of my first forays into the "truscale" world, I've always been super stoked on the Chosen model range so I had to try my hand with these. After a bit of drilling the nuts and bolts of the task presented themselves and I had a basic formulation of approach to scaling these beasts up. I've swapped his maul head out for a power Axe and his helmet to something more akin to the MK4 helmet witch I intent to ad a bit more spikey flair. Also switched out his backpack to some more generic Chaos kit. Other than a few basing details this ones almost done, nine more, ha. 

Finaly I'm working at a Sorcerer in Terminator plate with all kinds of fancy pains in the fucking ass detail bits...


A bunch more to go here as well, but this kit is a big fucking monster who deserves some crazy attention, spikes, effigy, corruption, skulls...etc. I'm thinking of approaching this guy in beat ass gold or brass on the armor as opposed to black base cause "magic". Other than making him taller and a bit more frightening to a Primarus Marine I  decided  to give one of those dope looking blind rhino helms we've been seeing in the new Death Guard range a try with a warrior helm and some plasticard, digging it so far. Much more to go. 

Thanks for looking, talk soon mean it.